Shakespeare Drop Down School Day

by Shakesperts Emerge2019 (The Mighty Creatives )

Shakesperts ran a whole day of activities at Thomas Middlecott Academy, in which we explored Shakespeare through drama, games and group writing. They were very creative and their enthusiasm for our mammoth workshop lasted from 9am-3pm, with some students staying in at lunchtime to rehearse Hamlet for a show in Peterborough.

Boston College have been Disneyland Dreaming about the festival, if they had unlimited funds and then put together a realistic plan for their budget. We have also enjoyed creating a song, choreographing movement and making mood boards. Our favourite game has been 'Shakespeare snacks' matching the treat to the prizes for guessing why it might be the favourite!
We are overwhelmed by how driven and passionate our young people are and the support of Ross and Richard at Boston College and Jayne and Gemma at Thomas Middlecott Academy has been phenomenal. We couldn't ask for a better, more enthusiastic team.
We have been making great contacts in the local community and are really excited by the team of students who are dedicated to making a successful festival.